Sample Post 1: Just for Demo

Posted on 15-09-2020 • 7:05 PM

Yet another example that you don’t necessarily need an eye to do away with jobs of course you know we’ve seen it throughout the industrial revolution into the 20th century with automation and assembly lines doing away with manual labour. You know now really in the automobile industry only your exotic cars are handmade everything else is basically assembly line type of stuff. Kongsberg autonomous ships and  Rolls Royce autonomous ships shaping the future of unmanned cargo ships are first to reveal their concept of autonomous cargo ships.Well now you’re talking about phasing out whole crews of ships now you know that we’re looking at 2018 is a pretty big year because I know they’re talking about the transportation industry here in the United States the autonomous truck driver if you will you’re not going to have any more truck drivers. Here they’re going to start to be phased out with autonomous tractor trailers and now they’re talking about the Daily Mail’s reporting the Robo ship or say autonomous ships without a single human on board the first autonomous ship to launch in 2018. That’s right this is set to be the first ship to sail the seas without a single human on board.